Consultation and Credit Analysis

Here’s where we conduct our comprehensive credit analysis examining your reports with all 3 Major Bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Transunion) identifying all inaccuracies and unverifiable items. * 50% OFF for Military and Veterans (Must provide proof)



* Conduct Comprehensive Analysis of all 3 Reports 

* The basic understanding of credit restoration.

* Steps you can take and the resources available to rebuild your credit in accordance with your situation

* Recommend products and strategies for rebuilding your credit.

* 30 Minute Phone interview regarding the credit analysis.

* Discuss best practices moving ahead to improve scores. and/or financial spending habits

* 15-20 page copy of the full review with consultation notes. 

* Requires most recent report from all 3 Major Bureaus within last 30 days

Pay By Performance Formation

This formation allows you to pay only when items has been deleted, removed or repaired from your credit reports. The servicing fee of $1 will be charged monthly starting 30 days after enrollment. *Must maintain active monitoring service at all times to qualify for services 

Price Varies


* Daily Email Updates

* Score Building Coaching

* Monthly Review

* Business Launch Strategy Session

* Accountability and Mentorship Plan

* 10% OFF fees below for Military and Veterans (Must provide proof)

Deletions Price Listing:

* Personal Information Updates – No Charge

* Inquiries – $5 per bureau

* Late Payment – $30 per bureau

* Collections – $30 per bureau

* Charge Offs – $30 per bureau

* Student Loans – $50 per bureau

* Tax Liens – $50 per bureau

* Repossessions – $75 per bureau

* Public Records – $75 per bureau

*Bankruptcy- $100 per bureau

* Foreclosures – $100 per bureau

* Short Sales- $100 per bureau

* No fees will be processed until credit analysis and the interview has been completed


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