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Let’s Get Your Business and Credit Scores in Formation

We exist to serve our military, first responders, medical professionals and teachers with business idea planning, credit repair and score improvement and long-term financial education. From deployments, divorces, saving lives and educating students across the nation we understand the struggle of finding time to build a business or seeking help to fix bad credit. Many have fallen prey purchasing with interest rates and home loan denials when it's needed the most. It’s our mandate to bring solutions to these problems with fast, efficient, cost effective services. 

Customized Credit Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis pinpoint inaccuracies and the best candidates for disputing. We discuss late payments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, repossessions, judgements and bankruptcies.

Effective Coaching

Providing you with the guidance and support in applying for new credit cards and retail accounts that are suitable for optimizing your credit scores while maintaining proper utilization practices.

Increased Buying Power

We help you shift your mind to understanding the kind of habits that keeps your scores above 720 while minimizing your credit to income ratios.  You’ll have total confidence in your restored ability to obtain credit again.
Knowing what you don’t know is priority when it comes to positioning yourself to restore your credibility with lenders and creditors in the marketplace. This takes strategy, education, discipline and consistency in order to get your finances back in formation. Results in our program are seen in as little as 45 days with average time of 90 days to 6 months to complete the program. Results may vary and is based on individual client situations.

Low Credit Scores

Having trouble renewing that security clearance? Got denied for that job position? High interests rates taking over 70% of your payments? Wish you could refinance that but you know the score is too low? We can help!

Denied Home and Auto Loans

Were you recently denied but have no idea why or don’t remember the thing that’s reported and causing you to be denied. We can help!

Ready to Start a Business

Been thinking about starting your own business but have fears about your personal credit profile and scores? Need guidance on where to start and best plan of action? We can help you get in formation!
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We Believe in You

We geniunely believe you have what it takes to restore your credit file and credit scores back to that place of financial freedom and security. Our formations are geared towards your success.


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